Want to taste wines from the area and visit their wineries? Cooking in a wood oven? Knowing traditional Mediterranean crops or eating true farm eggs? Ask us and we will organise real rural experiences for you.


Guided tours to wineries and wine tastes

The farmhouse is at the heart of the Les Useres wine area. Les Useres’s cellarers have recovered the tradition of the local’s vineyard, seeking the balance between the earthwork, the mediterranean microclimate, the variety and the way in which their wines are produced. This area concentrates a large number of wineries which, in addition to making amazing wines, organise guided tours and tastes.


We help you cook in a real firewood oven

The farmhouse has a traditional firewood oven in which you can cook all sorts of recipes, from the most classical to the most modern. Breads, meats, cakes, pizzas… Try to cook a sourdough bread, Maestrat’s lamb or some typical spanish pastisserie. You can do this on our instructions published on our YouTube channel, and even ask us to provide you with all the necessary ingredients because you only have to worry about lighting and caring for the fire.


Discover the true farm hens

Very close to the farm we have a chicken coop of the Maestrat breed hens, typical of the Castellón farmhouses. Our hens live freely and feed on grass, seeds, worms and small insects. Their balanced and healthy food gives the eggs specific characteristics of density, color, and flavor that make them an exquisite morsel. In the Mas de les Garroferes, you can know the routine feeding of the Maestrat hens and taste their delicious eggs.


Discover traditional crops and taste our extra virgin olive oil

In our 26,000 square metres farm, almond trees, olive trees and carobs are grown. Carob is the most significant crop and the monumentality of its trees gives us a very special landscape. In addition, we have olive trees from which we extract extra virgin olive oil for consumption and sale. A trusted oil press processes and bottles our AOVE so you can taste it in the house or buy it through our website.


We bring you local products and act as a rural travel agency.

You want to go to some restaurant in the area? Participate in some hiking excursion or visit the surrounding villages? Would you prefer that we bring you local products or food at home? Ask us and we will explain you all the options we offer.
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